Android Instructions

To use the free Google Podcasts app:
(Please make sure the Google Podcasts app is installed on your device.
You can search for it in the Play Store or on your device use the link below to take you directly to the app’s store page.

Please open the following link on your android device
This will display our podcast feed page within the google podcast app
Ones the podcast feed page is displayed click on the subscribe button and this will change to show you that you are subscribed

Unfortunately google podcasts doesn’t automatically download new talks.
To download the latest talk open the google podcasts app (will be called podcasts) and it should be displayed in the “New episodes” section of the “For you” area, (if you can’t find the talk you are looking for try clicking on the St Andrew’s talk icon at the top of the app)
Next click on the talk you would like to download, then press the second button (the one with the down arrow) it will show a percentage of the download once clicked, this will turn into a green icon with an underlined tick when the download is complete.
To listen to your downloaded talk click on the “Downloads” Tab of the For “For you” section then click on the blue icon with the play (right facing triangle) button.
By default a completed talk will be deleted after 24 hours and an unfinished talk will stay on your device after 30days.

New episodes are normally posted by the following Wednesday.

For a more advanced podcast app, members of the church use the app called Pocketcasts (paid for version)