Kids Church 7th June

This page will be set out in a similar order to that of Kids Church each week for ease of use. Feel free to pick and choose an order that works best for you and your family. Some key elements include prayer, bible reading, and questions.

We would love to see you participating in Kids Church from your own homes, so if you would like to share some pictures or comments – we can add them to our weekly kids collage for our St Andrew’s Facebook Page!

You’ll find questions for the Youth at the bottom of the document.

Emma Williams 😊 ([email protected])

Prayer: (1 min)

God in Heaven hear my prayer. Keep me in thy loving care. Be my guide in all I do. Bless all those who love me too. Amen

Worship song with actions: (3 mins)

Watch Video: Life Kids (2 mins)

Questions: (5 mins)

  1. What is the church?
    ❖ The people who have made Jesus the leader of their lives, the church is the people.
  2. What did the people of the early church do?
    ❖ Prayed together, shared meals, shared time together (fellowship), helped people when they needed it, put others first
  3. Where did they meet in the beginning?
    ❖ People’s houses
  4. Why did they sell all their possessions to help others?
    ❖ They all wanted to live like Jesus. Jesus put us first when he died on the cross
  5. What happened when others saw the early church people living like this?
    ❖ When others saw how the first church people lived it made them want to live like Jesus too!
  6. Can you think of ways that we can show love like Jesus did to the people around us?
    ❖ Being kind, cooking some food for them, writing a nice letter, finding ways to help them, telling them about Jesus, praying for others and many other ways!

Activity: Prayer Hands (5 mins)

Equipment needed: pens or pencils, scissors, paper, sticky tape or glue.

Watch the following instructional video.

  1. Trace the outline of your hands.
    ❖ You may need some help!
  2. Once you have a clear outline of your hands cut them out.
  3. In the video you watched about the church, it spoke about how the church is the people not the building. Try and think of 10 people in your church that you could be praying for and write their names on each of the fingers on your paper hands.
    ❖ If you’re stuck for people at church, write people in your family you want to pray for.
  4. Once you’re finished, draw some pictures and colour in your hands.
  5. Grab a scrap piece of paper (small) and write “People I’m Praying For”
  6. Use your “People I’m Praying For” piece of paper to stick your hands back together
  7. Put your prayer hands somewhere you can see it, to remind you to prayer for these people! See if you can pray for one person a day for 10 days!

Worship song to enjoy: (2 mins)

Try to make up your own actions!

Youth Discussion Questions

Read Acts 2:42-27

  1. What stood out to you in this passage?
  2. What is the first thing spoken about in verse 42? (Look at Acts 2:42)
    ❖ Devotion to the Apostles teachings
  3. How can we devote ourselves to the Apostles teachings?
    ❖ By reading and following what has been said in the New Testament.
  4. What do you think the word fellowship means? Other ways to say fellowship could be communion/contribution/sharing/partnership.
  5. Now that you know what fellowship means, why is it important to have fellowship with one another? (look at verse 44-45)
  6. Have a look at verses 46-47 it talks about praising God, what are some ways to praise God?
  7. If we were following the apostle’s teachings (having fellowship with other Christians, worshipping, praying, helping one another out etc.) Do you think our friends would notice a difference? How might that impact them?
  8. What is one thing mentioned in the above questions that you want to do more of?
    ❖ Maybe it’s learning more about God and his word, the apostle’s teachings (New Testament)
    ❖ It could be living in fellowship/loving those around you.
    ❖ Praising God more
    ❖ Living life with God at the centre and sharing Jesus with your friends.