Prayer after Church 

Sunday 26th January (straight after the service)

This year we are entering into an important planning phase, to determine the long-term vision of the church, as well as developing a comprehensive mission plan to take us up to the beginning of 2024.  As we engage with the planning process, it is imperative that we seek the protection, guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  To that end, and to pray about a raft of other things, there will be a church prayer meeting after the service on Sunday 26th January.

It is very encouraging to see the numbers of people attending these meetings growing and we want to make it as easy as possible for more people to join in.  If you are not comfortable praying aloud, fear not, no-one will ask you to pray and you can simply echo the prayers of others in your heart.  These meetings can actually serve as a wonderful introduction to corporate prayer (praying aloud with others).  If you would like to deepen your prayer life in 2020, why not start by attending this meeting!